The Queen hilariously ponders self-checkouts after she encounters her very first one

Must See 24/05/2019

If you're the Queen, understandably you don't spend too much time in supermarkets. Why would you when you could have somebody to it for you?

But recently, Queen Elizabeth II was treated to a royal tour of a pop-up Sainsbury's (local London supermarket) museum. The museum showcased how the supermarket chain has evolved over its 150-year history.

After being shown what the chain has offered consumers in decades past, regional manager Damien Corcoran guided the monarch to an example of the latest and greatest in self-serve technology.

The Queen reportedly did not use the machine, but questioned how the system stops customers from just prancing off with goods scanned as a cheaper item.

“And you can’t trick it? You can’t cheat then?” she asked.

Corcoran said “Well, you always can cheat but with the weighing scales we’ve got that should prevent certain items from being undetected.”

The photos of the encounter show the Queen pondering the system.