Side by side photos show how Princess Charlotte takes after Princess Diana

royals 20/06/2019

It's no secret that Princess Charlotte is well and truly her father's daughter. The pair are spitting images of each other, but as Charlotte grows older, many royal watchers can't help but notice how much the tot is starting to look like her grandmother, Princess Diana.

From her eyes, to her nose, to her pout - there's no denying that Charlotte looks very similar to her father's side of the family.

Fans were quick to comment on the photo, pointing out the similarities between grandmother and granddaughter.

"Goodness. I thought she looked like her father but with the pictures of princess Diana next to her as a child its amazing how much they resemble. She would be so proud of her boys and grandchildren."

"Princess Charlotte inherited her grand mother’s expression."

But Charlotte isn't the only one taking after her father and grandmother, many also believe Prince George has inherited his father's royal looks - noticing similarities between the Duke of Cambridge and Prince George at a similar age.