Serena Williams reported to be the first non-royal guest to visit baby Archie

Must See 27/05/2019

While the newest and youngest member of the royal family hasn't met too many people yet, Meghan Markle hasn't hesitated to invite her nearest and dearest friends over to visit her new son Archie.

Serena Williams has reportedly met baby Archie, and it sounds like it was a momentous occasion for both parties involved. 

For Serena, she was one of the first non-royal guest to met the baby who is 7th in line to the throne, and for baby Archie, he got to meet one of the most successful sportswomen of all time.

The tennis champion didn't post any pictures of herself with Archie, but she did post a picture of herself posing from a royal-looking state room. While it's still unconfirmed if the photo was actually taken at Frogmore Cottage during her reported royal visit, it appears the timing would indicate that would be a very good possibility.