Royal family shares beautiful pictures to mark and celebrate the accession day and the platinum jubilee

royals 08/02/2022

Last Sunday, the Royal family shared some beautiful pictures on their Instagram to celebrate the big day. The pictures were of the Queen from the present and over the years. In all the pictures, the Queen is seen with one of her famous red boxes. 

These red boxes have been used to receive daily papers from her Private Secretaries for the last 70 years. These boxes hold documents updating Her Majesty on events in Parliament and overseas and Commonwealth matters, and State papers requiring her signature and Royal assent. 

The two diamond ivy leaf clips that she's wearing in the first photo is a gift from The Queen Mother for then Princess Elizabeth's 21st Birthday.

Still image of Queen Elizabeth in 2015 and 1977.
Still image of Queen Elizabeth in 1972 and 1959.