Royal family members that Princess Charlotte looks almost identical to

royals 22/07/2022

A royal fan recently stumbled upon a photo of Princess Charlotte's half face put next to Princess Diana's childhood photo, and the resemblance was clearly visible! So we've put side-by-side photos of other family members who also look like Princess Charlotte when they were younger.

First off is Princess Diana and Princess Charlotte.

Another royal fan said, "Generally, I think she looks like the Queen, but when you do this side-by-side, you can definitely see some Diana."

Speaking of that, the second family member that Princess Charlotte looks like is her great-grandma Queen Elizabeth.

Another royal member who shares the similarities is Lady Kitty. 

Diana's niece, Lady Kitty, 27, posted a sweet black-and-white picture of herself on Instagram, which she captioned: 'First day of school #tbt'

(L-R) Lady Kitty and Princess Charlotte

The next family member is her dad, Prince William. Especially in these two photos, you can see their smile, eyes, and nose seems very identical. 

The last family member we believe that looks the most identical has to be Lady Sarah.

It's Princess Charlotte and Queen Elizabeth's beloved niece Lady Sarah Chatto when she was younger. They look almost identical!

(L-R) Princess Charlotte and Lady Sarah