Queen's rare portraits to be displayed in an exhibition to mark the Platinum Jubilee

royals 14/04/2022

In honour of the Queen's Platinum Jubilee, Queen's rare portraits will be shown at the exhibition in London from May 28 until 15. This is free for the public to visit. 

Along with Queen Elizabeth II's rare portraits, some of the most famous portraits of Britain's Queens since Mary I will be brought to the exhibition from private collections. 

“It’s a really exciting exhibition,” said Julian Gascoigne, the director of early British paintings at Sotheby's. 

It is probably one of the first times, if not the first time, that all of these portraits have been brought together

"It will be interesting to see the way these portraits speak to each other and how the same themes of royal power and female authority are played out through the centuries,” Gascoigne added.

Gascoigne is keen for as many people to attend and to help remove the idea that auction houses are only meant for extremely wealthy people. 

"“There’s so often this hesitancy that somehow auction houses are an exclusive place people can’t access,” said Gascoigne

The exhibition will also include 50 tiaras lent by aristocratic families. 

The London auction house Sotheby's is a partner of the Jubilee Pageant. 

There is also a large auction of British art which includes the new version of the Queen's painting done by Chris Levine. This art 'Lightness of Being' will be up for auction and all the sales will be for the pageant. 

"The picture stands in stark contrast to those of the Queen's predecessors" The Times wrote.