Queen Elizabeth pranked a group of confused American tourists

royals 02/09/2019

Queen Elizabeth is not too highbrow for the occasional joke now and then.

According to the Independent, her former protection officer Richard Griffin recently shared a funny story when Queen Elizabeth pulled a joke on a group of tourists who didn't recognise her.

The event happened one time when he and the Queen were walking near the Balmoral Estate when a group of American tourists approached them.

Asking if the Queen, who was "wearing a headscarf and tweed coat," lived in the area, she responded by saying that yes, she had a house nearby. 

The group then asked if she had ever met the Queen. She responded by saying, "No," and then pointed to her officer Richard and said, "But he has." 

The group left, clearly with no idea on who they just met. Imagine what would have happened if they had just realised who they were talking to!

Watch the Queen give a sassy response when offered a helping hand: