Queen Elizabeth II gets locked out of her own castle after security mishap

royals 09/03/2020

Getting locked out of your home can be one of life's worst inconviences, but at least now next time you are locked out of your house, you can take pride in knowing that getting locked out even happens to our dear Queen Elizabeth.

Earlier this week, Her Majesty was left locked outside of Windsor Castle after a rare security mix up.

The Queen and her team arrived at the Castle, only to have the gates locked in front of them and unable to let them through.

A female member of staff hopped out of one of the cars and tried to get the gates open - pushing and pulling the doors to no avail.

Realising the gates weren't going to open, the convoy u-turned in the driveway and headed off for another entrance.

The Queen could be seen sat in the back of the car wearing a headscarf, while one of her beloved pooches looked out the window.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, one onlooker said they'd 'never seen anything like it in 30 years'.

They added: "I'm not sure if someone was sleeping on the job or simply that they were not expecting her, but it's unheard of. And it's not often you get to see a queen locked out of her own castle."