Princess Diana's iconic gym sweatshirt is up for sale

royals 08/07/2019

Fashion followers have often called Princess Diana a fashion icon, and those who have always admired what the late Di wore can now own a piece of her wardrobe themselves.

The item is a navy blue Virgin Atlantic sweater that was gifted to Princess Diana by Sir Richard Branson in the late 1990s. The jersey is being sold on RR Auction with bids already standing at around $10,000 (approximately £5,590).

The sweatshirt will well and truly be iconic to Princess Diana fans as she often wore it while she was going to gym sessions. 

The Princess of Wales would repeatedly wear the oversized jumper for trips to her gym as a clever tactic to prevent the paparazzi getting "new" photographs of her.

Just a few months before her tragic death in 1997, Princess Diana gave the iconic knit to her close friend and longtime personal trainer, Jenni Rivett, along with a note which read, "Dearest Jenni, lots of love from, Diana, x".

"This sweatshirt was given to HRH by Sir Richard Branson. It became her most worn top on her regular visits to the gym," Rivett said of the piece. "She felt there were far more important issues to focus on in the world than her gym attire and therefore decided that wearing the famous Virgin sweatshirt to every session, would be a good way to stop the media frenzy."

"A few months before her untimely death she called me to say she had left a few sweatshirts for me. Amongst them, this one—which I have now decided to part with."

The Virgin Atlantic sweatshirt features a retro image of the "Flying Lady" logo which was inspired by pin-up girls sketched by Peruvian painter, Alberto Vargas, in the 1930s and 1940s.