Princess Beatrice almost had a different name until the Queen banned it

royals 24/07/2019

Whenever we hear the exciting news of a royal baby, speculation starts on whether it will be a prince or princess and what name the little bundle of joy will be christened.

In the UK, bookies start taking bets on on names of the royal baby in the months leading up to the royal birth.

But when Princess Beatrice was born to the Duke and Duchess of York, it was unusual that her name wasn't revealed for almost two weeks.

And now, we know why it may have taken so long to announce Princess Bea's name.

A report from Associated Press in August 1988 said that 'Annabel' had been a favourite according to bookmakers.

And that was the name the Prince Andrew was publically quoted as having an interest in at the time.

 But The Sun reported that the Queen must approve all royal names.

As such, the Queen supposedly disliked the name and said the Latin/French name was too "yuppie" to be used for a royal. This may have caused the delay as Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson thought of another.

Some other popular suggestions were Victoria, Elizabeth and Charlotte but it is believed that the Queen suggested naming her Beatrice after Queen Victoria and Prince Albert's youngest child.

The Sun reported at the time that it was royal enough for the Queen but also unusual enough for Ferguson, yet the bookies didn't see it coming making it a shock to everyone when it was finally announced.

Princess Bea is now 30 years old and works fulltime. She is ninth in line to the throne.