Prince William revealed to The Crown actress Olivia Colman that he doesn't watch the show

royals 12/11/2019

It has been reported in the past that our very own Queen Elizabeth II has spent a bit of time binge-watching Netflix's The Crown just like us.

And while reportedly she has revealed that she was not a fan of how her husband Prince Philip was portrayed in the second season, she originally did have a positive reception to the program when it first debuted in 2016.

But, the Queen's grandson Prince William has not and will not spend anytime watching the popular historical TV show.

uring an appearance on The Graham Norton ShowOlivia Colman (who is portraying Liz in the next two seasons of the show) revealed that upon meeting the Duke of Cambridge, he said he hasn't watched the show.

"It didn't go very well," Colman explained, according to Hello!. "I met Prince William at a dinner, and he asked what I was doing at the moment before he quickly added, ‘Actually, I know what you're doing.' I was so excited and asked, ‘Have you watched it?' His answer was a firm, ‘No.'"

Still, Colman had nothing but nice things to say about William after the meeting. "He was very charming and very lovely," she said.