Prince William goes shy after showing off his 'dad dance' moves to the Belize locals

royals 21/03/2022

Prince William may have stolen the show with his dancing moves!

The Royal Family Channel on YouTube shared the video of the royal couple dancing away. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge show off their dancing as they get a taste of the Garifuna culture from the local community in Belize.

Kate was the first to join the dance floor with the nine local school children. Tempted to join, Prince William made his way to the dance floor and joined the dance as groups of children cheered him. 

Prince William gets shy and covers his face after doing his dad dance moves. 

Prince William and Kate were taken around for a tour village and got treated to a welcome dance right after.

Local organizer Laura Cacho, 57 complimented the royal couple's dancing, "He shook his waist to the music. He had beautiful rhythm. It was a pleasure for me. Kate was excellent as well and definitely has Garifuna culture in her".

Mama G, also known Joan Gloria, pastor of National Garifuna Council helped provide the dancing children and said, ""We welcome them both. It is an honour. We welcome everybody."

"We are the happiest village in Belize. Nobody who comes here is sad.

"We are about love, respect and welcoming people with open arms."

Watch the royal couple's dancing video above.