Pictures of Prince William and Kate letting their hair down in their uni days go viral

royals 02/08/2022

A video compilation of photos of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge from their uni days has been released online and it's taken the internet by storm.

With over 5 million views on the video, viewers have gotten a glimpse of the royal couple living and enjoying a "normal" life. 

All the pictures in the video are from their younger party nights out. 

The video was uploaded by a royal fan who captioned, "party hard 😅 like normal young people 😊".

The photos in the post are far cry from how we are used to seeing the royals presented. They don't usually have a hair out of place but in these picture they're letting their hair down. 

People commented on the duo enjoying their university days and just having fun together. Many couldn't help but comment on Kate's beauty.

"How is she so photogenic! These are the roughest pictures of her in existence and she still looks like a flipping goddess!" one viewer wrote.

"Kate didn’t age at all" another wrote.

"Kate even looks elegant here 😍" a third wrote.

Prince William and Kate Middleton met at St. Andrews University in the UK, back in 2001. They had briefly dated for a period in 2000s before they broke up. They got back in 2008, and then married in 2011.  

Looking at Prince William's dance moves, it brings back memories of watching him dance with the Belize locals. Some things just don't change, don't they?

The local organizer Laura Cacho, 57 complimented the royal couple's dancing, "He shook his waist to the music. He had beautiful rhythm. It was a pleasure for me. Kate was excellent as well and definitely has Garifuna culture in her".

The royal couple sure loves dancing!