Meghan Markle's high school ball photo goes viral, with many noticing how she is 'ageless'

royals 16/12/2019

A photo of Meghan Markle from her high school days has gone viral, with many royal fans in awe of just how ageless the Duchess of Sussex is.

Despite the photo being taken around 22 years ago, it could easily pass as a photo taken this year.

The image, taken in 1997, shows the future Duchess with her boyfriend at just sixteen. 

She wears a slinky black dress with a choker, and her hair in an up-do, similar to the style she regularly sports on official engagements these days.

The young couple can be seen beaming as they stand in front of a Christmas tree.

The caption, accompanying the picture online, reads: “16 year old Meghan Markle [poses] with her first boyfriend Luis Segura at a high school Christmas dance in 1997".

Since being shared, the post has received more than 63,000 likes - and many social media users were amazed at how little the Duchess appears to have aged.