Kate Middleton is reportedly filming her own Christmas cooking show

royals 19/11/2019

According to multiple reports, the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton is set to make a special television appearance alongside Great British Bake Off star Mary Berry.

The pair will reportedly collaborate on a festive-themed cooking show for BBC1.

Kate Middleton & Mary Berry (Getty)

According to the Mirror, "They are expected to create a feast to reward charity workers who are on duty over Christmas and New Year." Duchess Kate and Berry's friendship reportedly started thanks to a shared love of charity work.

A source reportedly told the publication, "What better way to spread some Christmas cheer than to team up cookery royalty Mary Berry with real royalty in the form of Kate?"

The source continued, "Between them they will bring seasonal goodwill to their guests and to the millions of viewers watching. Expect a properly uplifting Christmas treat."

Fingers crossed the show makes it way across to our television screens - it sounds like it will be a great watch!