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Former minister admits he ate biscuits meant for the Queen's corgis

royals 17/03/2022

A British Cabinet minister who visited Queen Elizabeth accidentally ate biscuits meant for Her Majesty's corgis, according to a new book. Oops!

Alan Johnson, the health secretary minister in the late 90's, revealed how he munched the dog food by accident following a meal at Windsor Castle.

According to the book 'Queen of Our Times' by former journalist and MP Robert Hardman, Alan Johnson had no clue he had consumed dog biscuits until he was leaving lunch with Welsh secretary Paul Murphy.

"The two Cabinet ministers left in high spirits," the book reads. "'We were waiting for our cars and Paul said, 'What a wonderful meal'. I said, 'I loved it. I loved every minute of it.'

As they discussed the food, Johnson mentioned that he had particularly enjoyed the cheese and the unusual dark biscuits. Paul said, 'No, the dark biscuits were for the corgis!'

"At that point – to Alan Johnson's eternal amusement – it suddenly dawned on him that he had been munching away on dog snacks. 'I don't think I'd had cheese with a Bonio biscuit before'."

Queen Elizabeth's family has always owned Pembroke Welsh Corgi dogs since the Queen was a small child. In her time she's been queen, she's owned over 30 corgis, at most owning five in 2007.

And you can imagine that if the queen gets to eat the finest food, why wouldn't her corgis!