Documentary on Queen Elizabeth is releasing in June to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee

royals 21/01/2022

Elizabeth, the documentary on Queen Elizabeth II’s life is set to release on June 3rd in the UK theatres to coincide with the monarch’s Platinum Jubilee.

Elizabeth is directed by the late British filmmaker Roger Michell. This is Roger's last film, as he passed away last September, just days after completing the documentary.

Kevin Loader, the producer for Elizabeth said that Roger was excited to bring a very different type of royal documentary to British audiences this Jubilee year. 

“His film contains all his trademark emotion and playfulness, combined with a proper search for truthful insight into the woman who was Queen when most of us were born, and still is.” said Kevin.

The documentary has been picked up by Signature Entertainment. The director of Signature Entertainment commented that this documentary is ‘an astounding piece of filmmaking which represents a totally fresh and unique way of documenting the life and reign of the Queen’

“It’s funny, affectionate, and cinematic, with extensive and varied archive. The music choices are genius, and the structure is intelligent and original. A perfectly balanced celebration of an icon that we are sure will be enjoyed by a very wide audience in the run up to the Platinum Jubilee.”

Fingers crossed the documentary gets a theatrical release here too.