Buckingham Palace reveals before and after photos during major renovations

Must See 21/05/2019

The Queen's residence, Buckingham Palace, is currently undergoing some major renovations and the Royal Family has given us a special behind the scenes look at some of the work that has been going on.

In June last year, The Times confirmed that the renovations were estimated to cost around £369 million (approx. NZD$718,000,000). The work has just begun in The East Wing, The Royal Family's official website has confirmed.

The Royal Family's Twitter account also shared dramatic photos of the renovation. On the left is The East Wing decorated to the brim with items from the Royal Collection, on the left it shows how The East Wing looks after being decanted.

In order to start the renovations to The East Wing, around 3000 pieces from the Royal Collection had to be removed. The Royal Collection includes 200 paintings, 40 chandeliers, 100 mirrors, 30 clocks, and more.

The Times reported, that electrical cabling that dated back to the early 1940's had already been replaced, and they were currently working on removing asbestos that was discovered in the Palace's west attic and servicing outdated heating and electrical systems.