The last ever work of John Clarke has been released

New Zealand 21/04/2017

The final episode of John Clarke's, Clark & Dawe has been released with the permission of his family and longtime friend and collaborator Bryan Dawe.

The episode has been released exclusively on the website of Australian broadcaster ABC.

The sketch was filmed only 4 days before the famous comedian died while bushwalking in Victoria, and was previously unseen.

In the final, funny episode, Clarke plays a National Broadband Network employee discussing neologisms with Dawe.

"A neologism, Bryan, is simply a term, or a word, or a phrase which has come into the language fairly recently," Clarke says.

Dawe asks: "Like what?"

Clarke replies: "Well, 100 years ago the term psychology was very, very new."

"Is there a modern example?" Dawe asks.

Clarke replies: "A modern example from social media would be say something like Brangelina."

Since his passing, fellow actors, comedians and communities have paid tribute to one of the best satirists ever.