Rachel Hunter's touching tribute to her mum before leaving NZ

Must See 17/07/2017

Rachel Hunter has returned to L.A after spending a few months in NZ with her sick mum.

Her mother, Janeen Philips sadly passed away from cancer in May.

Rachel posted a tribute to her mother on her Instagram last week, where she also said farewell to New Zealand.

In the emotional tribute she posted a short video of a beautiful Kiwi beach and wrote: "I leave my MotherLand for Los Angeles. Since Mum’s passing the healing process of being home has been filled with a lot of love, sadness, support, and quiet anger (the “why” phase). Being able to revisit many places we spent time together, as well as places we spent her last months together. (Those were hard)."

“But being on this journey of Life, it's a time to confront the unknown with understanding, growth, devotion & acknowledgment. I continue to miss her spiritual essence. But my bond to my Homeland represents the incredible Matriarch that gave life to me.”

“Honor these gracious, wise women. Hold them Love them & Listen.”