MasterChef New Zealand

For the first time on TV3, 2015 sees MasterChef New Zealand bring together the best group of amateur cooks that the competition, and the country, has ever seen.

Fifty of New Zealand’s best home cooks have been chosen for the opportunity of a lifetime. From a scientist and mechanic to a marketing manager and a builder, they are a diverse group from all around the country, hoping to earn themselves one of the twenty-four coveted MasterChef aprons, guaranteeing them a place in the competition.

These are ordinary people with extraordinary dreams to pursue their passion for food and seize the opportunity to change their lives.

Over the coming weeks, the contestants face gruelling challenges in the MasterChef kitchen which will test every aspect of their culinary skills across a wide range of cuisines.  They must cook with all sorts of ingredients, re-invent time-honoured dishes during invention tests, compete in pressure tests, team challenges and will have to face the classic MasterChef mystery box challenge, in which they must cook with whatever ingredients they find under the box.

Watching the contestants’ every move is a formidable judging panel.  Kiwi favourite Al Brown is joined by Michelin star chef Josh Emett and acclaimed restaurateur Mark Wallbank.

Check it out on Sundays 7pm and Mondays 7.30pm on TV3.

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