My article isn’t showing

- Make sure you haven’t given your article a sort order
- Make sure the article is active
- Check the start date and end date on your article
- Make sure you’ve selected the correct category (assign everything through 2013 Website)

When I click my article it just refreshes the page

- Make sure you’ve selected a target page for your article (Article, Video or Gallery ONLY)

I can't see the delete button when editing the articles images

This is because your image is too big and has pushed the delete button off the page, zoom out of the page and you should see the little delete button. Make sure when you reload your photo with the correct specs that you change the file name, otherwise it will reload the old image.

When I create a competition entry form, I don’t see the upside triangle that allows me to edit the page.

- This is because when you created the page, you didn’t click “Edit page” for the region that you’re in. Delete the page and start again.

The font in my article is all different sizes

- Copy paste your text into Notepad, then copy paste that back into your article.

My main image for my article is warped

-Your first image for any competitions or events need to be 620x413 in size.

I want to update an announcer’s show page image

- You will need to send through a high resolution landscape image through to marketing (to be approved by them first), it needs to be at least 620x413.

We have a new announcer and need to update the show page

- You will need to send through a high resolution landscape image (that has been approved by marketing), it needs to be at least 620x413
- You will also need to send through a show blurb for the show.

I can’t view my entrants for a competition

- This may be because you don’t have access to the page, in which case, the online editor for The Breeze will have to go in and give you access.

My link isn’t working in my article.

- Go back into your edit article, right click your link in the article text and select Link > Properties.
- Make sure you have the full link and the http:// at the start of the link.
- Also make sure that you click “Nofollow” and type: http://

How to create a competition with an entry form on The Breeze.


How to create an event article/win article (without an entry form.)

- Download the instructions here.


How to select winner(s) from online entries

- Download the instructions here



- Download the instructions on how to add a GALLERY here.

- Download the instructions on how to add an ORIGINAL BREEZE VIDEO I CREATED here.

- Download the instructions on how to add a YOUTUBE VIDEO here. 

- Download the instructions on how to add AUDIO here.  


How to resize images

- Download the instructions: instructions 1, instructions 2, template 1, template 2