A Royal Night Out is a film about one perfect, glorious evening in the lives of two real-life princesses.  

On V-E Day 1945, Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret escape Buckingham palace to celebrate and have one night of freedom! The whole of London is on the streets to celebrate the official end of World War II in Europe. Elizabeth and Margaret, aged 19 and 14 left the palace to join in the celebrations and went dancing at the Ritz. They apparently returned to Buckingham Palace just after midnight.

Directed by acclaimed UK director Julian Jarrold (Becoming Jane, Brideshead Revisited) and starring Emily Watson and Rupert Everett

A Royal Night Out is an affectionate ‘what-if’ story about the adventures Elizabeth and Margaret might have had on the joyous night that brought the whole of London together.

A Royal Night Out advanced screening details:

Where: Hoyts Riccarton

When: Monday May 4

Start Time: 6.30pm (6pm arrival)

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