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Making Colour Changing Drinks at home (with an adult’s help)

What you’ll need from New World:

• A red cabbage (no other cabbage will do)

• A teaspoon of baking soda

• 3 ripe lemons

• 1 litre of cold water

• Sugar to taste - around 140g should do What else you’ll need:

• 2 large jugs • A knife (ask mum or dad to help)

• A large saucepan

• A colander Making the drink

Step 1: With an adult, slice up the red cabbage so that it's nicely diced up. Put all the chopped cabbage into a saucepan and cover with water. With adult supervision, bring it to the boil on a stove and let it simmer for ten minutes. The water will turn a murky blue colour.

Step 2: Now, still with adult supervision, pour the cabbage and water through the colander into the jug.

Step 3: Add a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda for every litre of blue water. This should turn it a more intense blue. Now leave the blue water to cool.


Step 4: When it's cold, pour the cold blue water into ice trays and freeze overnight. Step 5: Now juice the lemons, and pour the juice into the other jug. Add the sugar and then top up with cold water. Stir it until all the sugar has dissolved. You just made lemonade. You can refrigerate this for a couple of days.

Serving the drink When you're ready to serve the drinks, pour lemonade into a glass and add a blue ice cube. As it melts, the water will turn a bright pink. Enjoy.