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Win A MasterChef New Zealand Getaway!

MasterChef New Zealand premieres this Sunday on TV3 and The Breeze want to send you on a MasterChef New Zealand getaway to celebrate!

MasterChef New Zealand judges Al Brown, Josh Emett and Mark Wallbank will be helping ordinary people cook extraordinary food, resulting in one of the contestants taking home the title of MasterChef New Zealand.

You and a friend could be heading to Auckland with flights and accommodation all taken care of, but it doesn’t stop there… How does a dining experience sound? You could be dining at MasterChef judge Al Brown’s Depot Eatery right in the Auckland CBD.

The Depot Eatery is all about the energy and passion giving you a fast, fun and fresh experience.

Depot Eatery reflects Al Brown’s attitude towards food: in season, beautifully cooked and to be enjoyed with great company!

Most of the cooking is over charcoal or hard wood so there is a real succulence to the flavours.

If you are our lucky winner you will be experiencing your MasterChef New Zealand getaway from the 11th-13th of September. 

MasterChef New Zealand premieres this Sunday on TV3.

For your chance to win a MasterChef New Zealand Getaway just register your details below!