"Mix It Up" With The Two Robbies and The Brand New Kenwood Chef Sense

To celebrate the launch of the NEW Kenwood Chef Sense, each morning we have your chance to play Mix It Up with The Two Robbies! Simply listen to The Two Robbies each weekday, successfully decode the special Kenwood ‘mix’ of three songs and you could win yourself one of ten amazing Kenwood prizes including the Kenwood Triblade Hand Blenders and the Kenwood Chef Sense!

Mix. Blend. Slice. Dice. Juice. The Kenwood Chef Sense is the next generation of kitchen machines. Breathtakingly elegant with the know-how, power and versatility to have you cooking like a top chef.

The Kenwood Chef Sense is the evolution of an icon.  Featuring new intelligent electronic sense control, intuitive touch points and over 20 additional attachments – the Kenwood CHEF Sense is the ultimate kitchen essential.The Kenwood Chef Sense is as much about beauty as it is about brawn.  Featuring a stylish two-toned silver and white gloss design, this is one kitchen machine designed to make a statement.

If you purchase a Kenwood Chef Sense in store, you are in the draw to attend a dinner party for ten cooked by award-winning chef Nic Watt of MASU restaurant.*

Moulding 60 years of food preparation experience, Kenwood has developed a kitchen machine that is both intelligent and user friendly. From attachments that glide on and off, an electronic control dial for perfect mixing every time to an adaptor to fit all your old Kenwood attachments – the Kenwood Chef Sense just makes sense. With over 20 attachments, the Kenwood Chef Sense offers complete versatility to create a world of possibilities.

And, for those special occasions when you need to entertain family and friends, the Kenwood Chef Sense also comes in extra-large.  The CHEF XL Sense features a generous 6.7 litre bowl with graduations for easy measuring and a 1200 watt motor to handle larger quantities.

Keep listening to The Two Robbies all week for your chance to win!

* Available in all leading electrical retailers nationwide. Offer closes 23 January 2015.

Kenwood Triblade Hand Blender

The Kenwood Triblade Hand Blender features a revolutionary patented triple blade system, allowing you to blend, whisk, chop and even mash at the touch of a button. Showcasing a powerful 700w motor, the Kenwood Triblade delivers the ‘power of 3’ which means it gives you faster, easier and cleaner results in a unique lightweight design.




- Blending attachment (durable stainless steel tri-blade system)

- Pan blending attachment, innovative 'BIG' foot design

- Durable Stainless Steel Balloon Whisk

- 0.5L Calibrated Chopper With Whisk

- 0.75L Calibrated Beaker

- Dedicated Mashing/Pureeing Attachment