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Win A Copy Of "Our Big Blue Backyard"!


We have ten copies of Our Big Blue Backyard*, from acclaimed documentary filmmakers NHNZ, to win!

Narrated by Michael Hurst, Our Big Blue Backyard travels from Northland to Stewart Island, exploring six very special marine environments and features the colourful & varied inhabitants as they interact in their unique locations. From the giant to the tiny and the acrobatic to the rock scrapers, the range and behaviours of these species in such close proximity is fascinating. There is plenty of action in these aquatic communities as the lives of these close neighbours weave together to reveal entertaining animal dramas.

It’s predator versus prey as surfing Orcas travel the golden harbours of Northland; quality time with the big old snapper and crayfish of Goat Island; drama in the egg nurseries of the stunning Poor Knights Islands; a day out with the athletic Dusky Dolphins of Kaikoura; a fur-seal summer off New Zealand’s wild west coast and great white shark versus little blue penguins in the southern oasis of Stewart Island


Only in New Zealand do Orca families cooperatively - and ingeniously - hunt rays. This episode reveals the unique behaviour of a majestic predator and its equally charismatic prey the stingray and eagle ray.

Goat Island

The creatures of New Zealand’s oldest marine reserve are safe from humans, but that doesn’t mean life is easy. They are under constant attack from marauding dolphins, diving cormorants and the sharks & marlin that live beyond the boundaries of the reserve.

Poor Knights Islands

New Zealand’s Poor Knights Islands is considered one of the world’s top dive sites and for good reason, with a rich collection of extraordinary characters and bizarre behaviours, including a unique congregation of stingrays and sex-changing Sandagers Wrasse.


New Zealand’s Kaikoura Peninsula is home to the world’s most acrobatic dolphin species, some of New Zealand’s most robust young fur seals and an unconventional group of red-billed gull families who defend their chicks from dangers both within and outside the colony.

Open Bay Islands

On New Zealand’s remote Open Bay Islands, New Zealand fur seals protect their newborns from surging seas, starvation and predation by great white sharks. In this episode we witness the dangers facing one young pup, starting with her treacherous birth.

Stewart Island

Stewart Island, New Zealand’s third largest and southern-most island, is a place of dramatic beauty and unpredictability. Here, the pot-bellied seahorse father has extra responsibilities, the octopus is both hunter and hunted, and 82 great white sharks need to eat too and standing at just 30cm and weighing only 1 kg, the little blue penguin is nonetheless a swift swimmer and a determined parent.

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