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The Life and Times of Billy T. James
 The first biography to tell the full story of the man behind the cheeky grin and the infectious laugh…
Billy T James was a larger-than-life comedian who gave us some of our best belly laughs. An accomplished singer and musician, he created enduring characters, poking the borax at the oh-so-delicate state of race relations in New Zealand in a way that stood him head and shoulders above other performers of his era.
His widow, Lynn Matthews, and a number of Billy’s closest friends who have kept their silence until now, have cooperated with author Matt Elliott to tell the story of the man behind the cheeky grin and the infectious laugh.
 Seasons - Donna Hay
Last Christmas, Donna Hay broke her own records for a bestseller with NO TIME TO COOK. This year she is back with a completely different cookbook. Seasons builds on the trend for cooking with whichever ingredients are in season, which means you will always be eating beautifully fresh food.
Designed with Donna's usual flair for food styling, SEASONS features more lifestyle than Donna's previous books, giving readers tips and suggestions for how to enjoy the best of each season.
Pirate Latitudes - Michael Crichton
A NEW SIDE OF CRICHTON: An adventure unlike anything Crichton readers have seen before, Pirate Latitudes captures the versatility and raw storytelling power of the master of suspense.
•A treat for die-hard fans and new readers alike, this adventure will satisfy anyone who wonders what makes Crichton one of the best loved -- and best-selling -- writers of our time.
Too Many Murders - Colleen McCullough
It’s a beautiful spring day in the little city of Holloman, Connecticut; the year is 1967, and the world teeters on the brink of nuclear holocaust as the Cold War goes relentlessly on.
But Holloman has other things to worry about on April 3rd, 1967; twelve murders have take in place on one day. Suddenly Captain Carmine Delmonico, chief of detectives, has other, more important matters to occupy him than finding a satisfactory name for his infant son.
With his cohorts Abe Goldberg and Corey Marshall giving him unfailing support, Carmine embarks on what looks like an insoluble case. All the murders are different, and no victim is connected to any of the others. One group centres around the great university, Chubb, while another is inextricably tied to the armaments giant, Cornucopia. And as if twelve murders were not enough, Carmine soon finds himself pitted against the mysterious Ulysses, a spy giving Cornucopia’s armaments secrets to the Russians. Are the murders and espionage different cases, or are they somehow linked?