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The GREEN-ONE = Plastic Rubbish Bags… but not as you knew them before!

Register below now to be into win a GREEN-ONE prize pack, including over 100 assorted Oxo-Biodegradable GREEN-ONE plastic bags for use around the home total value approximately $30 each (RRP).

Introducing The GREEN-ONE… NZ’s first comprehensive range of Oxo-Biodegradable products for the home, office, garden and general refuse made here in NZ by a locally owned and operated company.

It is an alternative and affordable option for consumers looking to do their part in assisting with reducing environmental impact.

It’s plastic… with a difference!

The benefits of The GREEN-ONE include:

- The GREEN-ONE rubbish bags are all Oxo-Biodegradable.  All of The GREEN-ONE products contain the Oxo-Biodegradable additive which is added in small amounts to the plastic at the extrusion stage. This results in the plastic degrading (fragmenting), then bio-degrading on land or at sea, in light or the dark, in heat or cold, leaving only CO2 , H2O and biomass at the end of the process.

- The GREEN-ONE products are also produced using recycled materials. Not only are consumers helping reuse waste when purchasing The GREEN-ONEs, they are also ensuring that they contribute less waste after use.

- The GREEN-ONE products are printed using only non toxic water based inks as opposed to solvent based inks. These inks leave no residue and do not release hydrocarbons into the atmosphere during production.

- The GREEN-ONE bags are made of a three layered structure that delivers a rubbish bag of the highest quality with the attributes of being hardwearing, strong and durable.

- The GREEN-ONE bags are manufactured and distributed by New Zealand owned and operated companies.

- The GREEN-ONE range covers all kitchen, home, garden, office and general refuse requirements. 


Available at major retailers.


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