Airbnb offers stay in Count Dracula's castle

Creepy or exciting?

Plenty of people have stayed in some pretty creepy hotel rooms - but how would you like to stay in a vampire's castle?

He's one of the most iconic villains of all time, with the enduring legacy of Count Dracula playing out on the page and screen for nearly 120 years.

Now, accommodation website Airbnb is offering a competition to willing victims who want to spend the night in the home of Count Dracula.

Bran Castle in Romania is said to be the home of Vlad the Impaler, the origin of Bram Stoker's Dracula legend.

Each year, 630,000 vampire enthusiasts visit the castle.

This Halloween, it'll have two new residents - the first time anyone's stayed the night in 70 years.

The castle was put on room-sharing website Airbnb for the night with the site encouraging applicants to imagine what they'd say to the Count if they met him.

"You won't eat any garlic, you won't touch any silver, you won't look into any mirrors, so you'll live the life as if it was Count Dracula," says Airbnb's Ekaterina Kukurenko.

The lucky, or unlucky, winners will also be able to spend the night in a real coffin, though Airbnb says beds are on hand if things get too spooky.


Taranaki combines the charm of rural New Zealand with the sophisticated provincial appeal of New Plymouth city. The region is proud of its innovative nature and many locals boast an intrinsic relationship with the picturesque coast and the stunning Mt Taranaki. Magnificent gardens, a rich Maori heritage and numerous fine art galleries can be discovered in New Plymouth, Stratford and Hawera, whilst a huge range of outdoor activities are on offer just a few minutes away. With the wealth of its natural environment, Taranaki bursts with new adventure activities for people with a sense of fun.

The Two Robbies experienced the best that Taranaki has to offer, starting with a surfing lesson with local icon Daisy Day, they had a lot of fun (and a bit of a workout) under her skilful eye.

They discovered Ozone Coffee which has been locally roasted since 1998 and now has a café in London. The coffee gave them the energy required to ride the Wind Wanderers, the super  fun four wheeled bikes along the coastal walkway.

After their exercise it was time for some culture at Puke Ariki ,  a world class museum, information centre and library right in the heart of New Plymouth. Then after checking in at the divine Nice Hotel and having dinner at Table Restaurant (seriously good) it was off for some evening fun with Mini Putt atBowlarama.

Up early the next morning The Two Robbies met the team from Forgotten World Adventures where they travelled along the old railway line on modified golf carts. From there they spent two hours (you’ll want to spend two days) at Tawhiti, an unbelievable museum focussing on New Zealand history – the traders and whalers exhibit is something you would find in the biggest and best theme parks.

After a quick drive back into New Plymouth centre it was time for high tea at Tupare, a wonderful Chapman Taylor arts and crafts home with gardens of national significance.

Finally The Two Robbies had a guided tour of Pukekura Park and The Bowl of Brooklands, a brilliant way to finish the two days.