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Green Tea is reputed to:

Help prevent free radical damage
Support healthy cholesterol levels
Help with weight management
Supports oral health
Help cleanse your system of poisons consumed in everyday meals 

The ancient Chinese method of pan frying the tea leaves is used for TAO TI Green Tea. This process enables quicker oxidisation of the leaves and increases the amount of antioxidants better than any other process.

TAO TI Green Tea has the highest antioxidant levels of any ready to drink Green Tea currently available. Not only is it healthy but it is a great tasting drink for all the family.

Read about Steve Horne's amazing weight loss journey helped by TAO TI Green Tea,  along with countless other testimonials written by people that have had this natural product change their lives. Find out more HERE or check out  www.taotigreentea.com

Tao Ti Green Tea is available in two great flavours; the delicious flavour of honey or the crisp tasting apple for a refreshing taste. Available
at FruitWorlds across Auckland or by the case off the web at www.taotigreentea.com

Changing your life for the better by drinking Tao Ti Green Tea you will also be helping “The Bank of Dreams” charitable trust.