Showerdome 10th Birthday

The Breeze is celebrating Showerdome’s 10th Birthday by giving away one of 6 showerdomes including installation PLUS go in the draw for the grand prize, a $3,000 shopping spree!

Enjoy the benefits of a drier, healthier and warmer home with Showerdome.

Showerdome is passionate about providing NZ families with a solution to damp, mould and mildew issues within their bathrooms & homes.  By simply fitting a crystal clear acrylic Showerdome to a new, or existing shower, it will prevent steam from forming in your bathroom!

To create steam, 2 components are required.  Warm moist air (coming out the shower rose), and cold air (in the bathroom).  It is only when these two components meet, that steam is formed.  By placing a Showerdome on the shower cubicle, the cold air in the bathroom can’t get in to mix with warm moist air that the shower creates, and therefore NO steam is created – either in the bathroom, or in the shower cubicle.

You end up with a toasty warm shower cubicle, and a dry, steam free bathroom.

 Showerdome Features Include: 
*  No mould or mildew on the walls and ceilings in the bathroom
*  Improved air quality with the reduction of mould & mildew
*  No requirement to run expensive extractor fans (you don’t have to ‘extract’ steam if you don’t make it in the first place)
*  No misted mirrors
*  No need to open a window to let the steam (and heat) escape
*  No paint damage caused by moisture
*  Reduced maintenance costs
*  Reduced electricity bills due to showering at a lower temperature.

At only $285 (DIY option), or around $400 installed (includes Showerdome, install & GST), Showerdome is a cost-effective, and simple solution to an age-old problem

With less moisture and improved air quality, you can ensure a healthier home with Showerdome.

Invented by Kiwi’s, for Kiwi’s.

To find out more about Showerdome visit www.showerdome.co.nz

To win one of six Showerdomes, including installation and to go in the draw for the major $3,000 shopping spree prize, write a birthday message to Showerdome in the entry box below.

Stay listening to the Easy Workday to find out if you’re a winner!