Shoe Science is proud to support Walking Stars 2013. They believe the ultimate ride is everything that is important to you blended together in a pair of shoes.

Every time Shoe Science fit shoes they are thinking - keep the client safe from injury first and how do they provide the ultimate ride. Every time you need new shoes they want to find a pair that is a little lighter, faster and more comfortable than the last pair. It is all about moving forward!

How they deliver the ultimate ride

A science based fitting service - using a running track and video they ensure the perfect match to your feet, meaning your footwear keeps you safe from injury. Getting motivated is tough – you do not need the hassle of an injury if it can be avoided.

Tracks - they fit you on a terrain similar to the one you will travel over. You will probably use the shoes on the footpath so it makes sense to test them on a similar surface.

Video - they can see your foot move in slow motion and see how it reacts to different shoes. When they slow your feet down they can see everything.

Price – it is very important to Shoe Science that they meet your price, so they stock shoes at all price levels and always have a range of specials on the floor. As you try on each pair they tell you the price so there are no surprises when you get to the counter.

30 day guarantee – backing the shoe they select as being the best pair for you but in the unlikely event that a shoe just does not work out you have a 30 day guarantee.

Ambassador Club – providing thanks to their clients for their loyalty and recommendation with discounts and service.
Ambassador Rewards – after buying your first pair of shoes you will never pay full price again. When you are ready for your shoes there is a discount waiting for you.

Ambassador Profile – contains your shoe history so they know what you like every time you head in.

Big Range of shoes and brands – all the big brands and lots of options. Sports shoes are what Shoe Science do. They also have a small amount of clothing and brown/black footwear.