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Palmers Seasonal Garden Guide is here and this week we are talking about keeping your summer garden hydrated while you are away for the silly season!

Most kiwis like to take a holiday over the summer period, but being left alone for a week or two can be hard on your garden, especially in this hot and dry weather. 

Here are some tips from the gardening experts at Palmers:

- When the soil is dry, dusty, and tired, any water applied will run straight through without being absorbed into the soil and root zone where it’s needed most. Adding a granular soil wetting agent such as Saturaid, holds water in the soil and distributes it evenly and directly to the root zone. 


- If you are going away for more than a few days, an irrigation system with a timer is a fantastic solution.  Be sure to also move pot plants within the sprinklers range as well.

For more great garden tips from Palmers just be listening to The Breeze this weekend! We have a whole heap of tips for you.

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