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This is the story about Millie and Max our love struck pooches! 


They play together…

Swim together…

Stroll through the park together…


And soon Mille will be walking down the aisle to marry her lover Max.


That’s right, The Breeze Dunedin along with Animal Attraction are officially getting two dogs married!


Damian and Sonia will bring two dogs together in holy matrimony Friday morning on April 1st from 7:45AM. Please join us for this fabulous occasion right here on The Breeze Dunedin 98.2!

Millie and Max will be getting groomed before hand at Vogel Street Dog Spa to ensure they look the part.

 Special thanks to Visual EffectsJoseph Jones who are making the wedding look beautiful! Plus Gilbert's Fine Food who are providing the wedding cake!






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