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This Weekend's Job: Check your fruit trees

Some attention needs to be paid to your fruit trees now, remove any fruit that has fallen to the ground as bugs will complete their life cycle in the fallen fruit and continue the breeding cycle.
Fruit trees often produce a very heavy crop on one branch; the weight will often snap this branch. Thin out the fruit to reduce the weight and improve the quality of the remaining fruit. Grape vines can also suffer from overly heavy crops, thin out the trusses and remove any that are poorly developed or diseased.


PERFECT TOOL: McGregor's Secateurs
Stainless steel precision ground blade and counter blade for long corrosion free life
Cuts up to 19mm diameter objects
High density PP grips with soft touch inserts for comfort


- Stainless Steel Blade By-Pass Secateurs
- Ratchet Telescopic Alloy Handle Bypass Lopping Shears
- 350mm Plastic Handled Pruning Saw
- Leather Secateur Pouch

McGregor’s offers a wide range of great value for money tools to cover virtually all your home gardening jobs. From secateurs to spades, loppers to log splitters - McGregor’s tools have you covered.

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