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McGregor's Summer Garden Guide 


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TASK: Feed your vegetable garden …

To achieve the best results from your vegetable garden apply a granular controlled release fertiliser prior to planting and then supplement that with liquid plant food during the growing season.



McGregor’s VegeMax Granular Fertiliser (VEGE400)

McGregor’s VegeMax Liquid Fertiliser (VEGE200)

McGregor’s FruitMax Liquid Fertiliser (FRUIT200)



•             The granule will feed for up to 3-4 months

•             VegeMax Liquid Fertiliser is high in Nitrogen for leafy vege

•             FruitMax Liquid Fertiliser is high in Potassium for fruiting and root crops

•             Balanced nutrients plus trace elements

McGregor’s offers a range of granular and liquid fertilizers – The McGregor’s range of Granular Fertilizers have optimised NPK levels and controlled release rates to make fertilising that much easier, while the liquid fertilizers aid in optimised flowering, fruiting, leaf growth and healthy root growth!



McGregor’s VegeMAX Granular Fertiliser (VEGE400) - RRP 8.94-11.86