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Win tickets to Dancing with the Stars!

Dancing with the Stars is on now on Sundays and Mondays on TV3!

Ten celebs and their pro dancers will battle it out through the rehearsals, glitz, glamour, sequins and performances to win your vote, all to help their chosen charity! 

The hosts are: Dominic Bowden and Sharyn Casey

The judges are: Candy Lane, Hayley Holt & Stefano Olivieri

The celebs and their partners are;

Chrystal Chenery & Jonny Williams

Ben Barrington & Krystal Stewart

Simon Barnett & Vanessa Cole

Siobhan Marshall & Charlie Billington

Colin Mathura-Jeffree & Kirstie Williams

Maz Quinn & Caryn Lim

Pam Corkery & Matt Tatton Brown

Shane Cameron & Nerida Cortese

Teuila Blakely & Scott Cole

Jay-Jay Harvey & Enrique Johns

If you would like to head along to watch Dancing with the Stars in the front row, register your details below!