Grocery Guide with Cheeky Monkey

Cheeky Monkey products are making a difference to the planet.

Cheeky Monkey toilet rolls, facial tissues and kitchen towels are 100% tree-free, making our products an easy, cost-effective and genuine way for your household to help save trees.

Forests are under pressure all over the world as the global demand for wood and pulp products continues to grow. On average people use over 20,000 squares of toilet paper a year with approximately 27,000 trees being cut down each and everyday for toilet paper.

Cheeky Monkey uses bamboo and a by-product of sugarcane production, bagasse, to manufacture environmentally-friendly and soft alternatives to paper products.

Cheeky Monkey 100% tree-free toilet rolls:

- Three-ply sheets (containing 8 per pack, 190 sheets per roll)
- Made from renewable sugarcane husk and bamboo
- Septic safe
- No harsh chemicals
- Luxuriously soft

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Cheeky Monkey products are soft, strong sustainable and 100% tree-free tissue offering toilet rolls, kitchen and facial towels. Feel the difference and make the difference now at their website.

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