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Valentines Day - Give The Gift Of A Song To Your Partner and a $200 New World voucher


Valentines day is fast approaching...why not give the gift of song to your partner...

A customised love song, composed by our own Robert Scott.

Just tell us a bit about your partner, and they could be receiving a visit by Robert and his guitar.
Let Robert serenade your partner this valentine’s day – plus 1 of 5 $200 New World vouchers to make your Valentines Day even more special.

(When younger Robert was known to compose many soppy love songs for girlfriends...and now he could be writing something for your other half)

What we need from you...

Your partners name
Place of work
Good habits
Bad habits
Best physical features
Favourite band
Favourite movie
How you met
When you met

Here’s what happened last year when Robert helped Vina surprise her husband Peter with a Valentine's song at his workplace, Beachlands Four Square.

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