Battle of the Sexes with Columbus Coffee

Every morning thanks to Columbus Coffee, The Two Robbies and Anna Thomas play Battle of the Sexes and it’s your chance to win out against the opposite sex and WIN a $50 Columbus Coffee voucher each morning. Simply register below to take part!

What would we do without coffee? Kicking off the morning with a coffee is the perfect way to start the day! It’s the perfect way to connect with friends and colleagues, family and clients. Coffee is one of life’s great treats, and after your daily coffee hit at Columbus, anything is possible.

Superb coffee is something Columbus Coffee really know about. Having played a big role in kicking off NZ’s espresso scene back in 95, Columbus Coffee now have over 50 locally owned cafes around the country serving premium, freshly roasted coffee.

Columbus Coffee also take their food as seriously as their coffee. Their food is prepared daily by in-store chefs using fresh seasonal and local produce. Delicious breakfasts, brunches, lunches and their new Healthy Food Guide recipe range are available at Columbus Coffee cafes around the country.

Check Columbus Coffee out online via their website: www.columbuscoffee.co.nz or Facebook page: www.facebook.com/columbuscoffeeNZ