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In the October issue of The Australian Women’s Weekly, 

Our journalist flew to LA to speak to Oprah Winfrey ahead of the talk show queen’s first New Zealand visit, and the interview was one of the most candid Oprah has given. In it she talks about everything from her teenage pregnancy and her issues with her own mother, to her insecurities, rumours surrounding her friendship with Gayle and her marriage.

- It’s the time of year when we all start to think about jazzing up our homes for summer, and recognising this we have 27 pages of inspiration to help make your house a stylish but practical home.

Do you have Retired Husband Syndrome? Yes, it’s a thing… and it’s been shown it can cause everything from sleeplessness to skin rashes and depression. It’s also likely a reason that nearly a third of all divorces take place after 20 plus years of marriage. We look at this issue – and offer advice on how to deal with it.

Jamie Oliver is back – and those pies and fry ups he did so well are a thing of a past, with these healthy recipes that are surprisingly easy, and very tasty. Whip up his mango, lime and ginger fro-yo in under 10 minutes and enjoy a delicious Asian Crispy Beef dinner in 25 minutes. As yummy as these are, being healthy for life is about balance and moderation – as shown by our nutrition feature on why cheese, wine and dark chocolate could keep you slim.

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