Our winners have been chosen for '400 Words', The Breeze's very own short story writing competition for Kiwi kids aged 13 and under.

How did it work? There were 2 two categories: 9 & under and 10 to 13. Entrants had to write a short fictional story of no more than 400 Words.

Congratulations to both of winners – both win $400,books for their schools library plus both stories will be read by TV3’s Hilary Barry and posted on this page on Friday  

9 & Under Age Group Winner – Gemma Lovewell – “The Breeze” watch Gemma’s story read by Hilary Barry by clicking the picture below. Or listen to it read by Peter Elliot here

10 – 13 Age Group Winner – Antonia Smith – ‘Little Patch Of Grass” watch Antonia’s story read by Hilary Barry by clicking the picture below. Or listen to it read by Andrew Fagen here

400 Words will be back in 2014!

Well done to all of our “400 Words” finalists! Hear their stories read by our Celebrity Storytellers below;

Under 9's:

Ashley Anderson - “The Colour Clock Tower” read by Louise Wright

Daniel Lovewell – “My Galactic Train Trip” read by Tim Balme

Daniel Pirret – “The Forrest Of Memories” read by Tom Bradley

Gemma Lovewell – “The Breeze” read by Peter Elliot

Olivia Charles – “The Tale Of The Fish Napping Cat” read by Shane Cortese

Hannah Earl - 'A Trees Wish" read by Andrew Fagan

Jack Prebble – “Letter To Mother Nature” read by Kevin Milne

Jasmin Smith - “Room 5 Visits The Zoo” read by Mark Leishman

Stella McClutchie – “Famous” read by Michael Galvin

Summer Didsbury – “A Sound In The Night” read by Ginette McDonald

10 - 13:

Antonia Smith - “Little Patch Of Grass” read by Andrew Fagan

Chrystiana Wright – “Agent Oldguy” read by Kevin Milne

Ella Stack – “Kaga Couldn’t Fly” read by Tom Bradley

Gabriel Tusa – “Miss Jones, The Campervan and the Phone” read by Peter Elliot

Gwyneth Parallag - “Hone Heke” read by Shane Cortese

Henry Yang – “No Way Out” read by Mark Leishman

Isabella McDonald – “Dreadlocks And The Three Bears” read by Michael Galvin

Shivani Bhatt – “Who Bought The Coal” read by Tim Balme

Laura Warner - "The Hunt" read by Jamie McDell 

Amy Lowans - "Tuesday" read by Ginette McDonald 

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