5 Rules To De-Clutter Your Home



Lets all be honest...We have all struggled with clutter at some point in our lives! And although some may be messier and more prone to clutter than others, it is something that we need to sort out and organise before it gets too late! Imagine if the clutter took over? Now that would be a real nightmare!


So why not try applying these 5 Rules to De-Clutter Your Home, from Oprah.com. In the article, Los Angeles-based Caren Kaplow and Jill Matson explain the best ways to go about organising your belongings. Their expertise lies in wrestling the chaos of demanding lives into order. Caren is an ex-publicist and was a longtime personal assistant to Michelle Pfeiffer. Jill is the former personal assistant to Sarah Jessica Parker, Robert Downey Jr., and Kenny G.


Rule 1: Purge

The duo advise that it is best to be ruthless. Ask yourself "Do you really need three pen holders, three copies of The Da Vinci Code, and three hole punchers" The likely answer is no and if the answer is no, then say goodbye! Arm yourself with rubbish bags and Op shop bags because although you may not need 3 of everything, there might be someone out there who does.


Rule 2: Place

Everything in your home — tape, scissors, keys — should have its own special place to live. If you know where to put it, then you'll know where to find it. So allocating wandering belongings to their own homes will instantly help you start to see order and organisation amongst the clutter.


Rule 3: Protect

Move photos to acid-free boxes for storage. This means they won't be yellow when you're ready to archive them in an album or give them to a friend. You can also put other things in storage boxes, like winter coats when it's summer, or beach towels and swimwear when it's winter.


Rule 4: Recycle

If you buy a new computer or anything electrical, you can recycle your old appliance. Local councils should have information on where you can take these and sometimes charities and the Sallies want your old electrical items. Recycling also goes for any old clutter you throw away and for any items that are too good to dispose of. Make sure you see if your local charity shop or recycling plant would like them.


Rule 5: Get Online

We live in an age where you can pretty much find everything on the internet and even if you don't have a computer online, you can go down to your local library and use the internet there. Hoarding paper manuals and paper bank statements takes up so much space! So tell your bank to stop sending you paper statements and make the move from paper to online.



From Oprah.com


By Shinead Cooke


source: data archive